Great Day Out for Wine Lovers

Are you a lover of fine wine? And maybe fine dining, too? If so, we have the best day out for you in the Western Cape region: the Franschhoek Valley WINETRAM. The Franschhoek Valley is where French incomers settled some 300 years ago, choosing it as the perfect place for vines to flourish. It is now home to the very best wine estates in the country, and produces some of the finest wines in the world. The tram experience gives you a chance to tour the valley and visit some of the estates, and is great fin for all the family.

You can hop on and off the tram at one of many stops and visit the wineries, where you can enjoy complimentary tastings with your ticket. Many of the estates also have excellent restaurants in franschhoek, so have a look at the website now and book your place for a great day out.

Wine tours.

Wine tours also have some bit of educational apart from the custom wine tasting.  You will have an opportunity to visit the vineyards and walk through the rows of the harvest of the season. If you are lucky enough, you may also have a chance to pluck some grapes and even sample them right from the vine.

There is the winery production area, which you will have to visit as soon as you return from the vineyard. The culmination of the wine tour is when you have the opportunity to taste the wine.

There is no particular time for a wine tour; it can last for just some few hours or even for weeks.

Some of the famous wine tours companies are the Dallas wine tours and the Grapevine Wine Tours. These companies have professionally trained tour guides who will provide excellent food and hospitality and delicious wines

The excursions always include four hours in length and involve three fantastic wine venues. Most of the wine tours are done on a daily basis, all year, with luxury transportation to and from the nearby hotels.

If you have never participated in a wine tour, then you might need a professional wine tour company to help you plan. Alternatively, you can plan your itinerary and take part in a wine tour.

The cost of wine touring alone is minuscule compared to what you will pay a professional wine tour firm.

The following are some of the best wine tour companies that can help you plan your wine tour.

·         Authentica tours, from Burgundy, France. You can connect to them at

·         Arizona winery tours from Arizona, United States-

·         Behind The Cellar Door operating from Texas, United States –

The garden tour with over 300 plant and vegetable varieties is edible or has medicinal value at

Others that also offer excellent wine tours are Washington DC based Bella Fortuna Events & Tours –, and Bulgaria Wine Tours among others.

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