The Perfect Pose For You and Your Partner In Your Next Photo Booth Snap Pic

There’s nothing more exciting than the rush while you are in a photobooth and are trying to get your props and coordinating the perfect pose before that timer runs out. We have put together a list of some of the most popular poses to try in your next photo booth opportunity.

The Surprise Lift

There is nothing more romantic than sweeping your partner off their feet. Why not do that in the photo booth just before the flash goes off and catch their surprise look? Not only will that prove to be a great laugh but will offer a great memory later on.

Blow All The Kisses

If you are looking for something slightly romantic then why not the classic, blow a kiss to the camera? This simple pose is still a flattering pose and can be admired later on. You and your partner can both blow the camera a kiss or you can blow kisses to one another.

Make The Shape of a Heart With Your Partner

For this pose, both you and your partner will make the shape of a heart with your hands. Each person uses one hand to create the pose. The heart can either be made in front of your faces or in front of the lense of the camera.

How About a Wink?

Let the tension show in the photo where one of you winks at the other in the picture. There’s nothing more romantic than a flirtatious wink while your partner looks at you. Of course the timing of the picture will need to be perfect but it offers a good keepsake.

These are just four of the poses you can make when in the photo booth app with your loved one for the perfect snap pic. Spend the time capturing those special moments with your better half as a picture is worth a thousand words.


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